Struggling Server Returns to Table and Stares at Huge Tip in Disbelief

About an hour before his shift started, Josh was having a horrible night. He almost didn’t come in for work, but was so glad he did. When Josh picked up the bill from the table where two students sat, he didn’t expect a big tip. Students usually don’t have a lot of money, but this time was different. At first he saw a $20 bill, but when he moved the bill, he immediately burst into tears.

Josh had 3 kids and would soon have 4. He worked two jobs to make ends meet. That and taking care of his kids made him so exchausted.

Most of his coworkers at the restaurant where he also works were sick and Josh had to replace them. He also worked in a wine bar as a server. He was already late for his second job and when he walked in, the bar was packed. He told his coworkers: “Tonight might not be my night, I’m exhausted.” He already had so much on his mind, on top of that Josh was expecting his 4th child and there were some complications. The reason why he took on two jobs, was because his wife was in the hospital. He had no idea a student walking in the bar was about to change his whole night for the better.

Oliver was a student who was at the bar with his brother. Josh was his server and the student saw how tired Josh was.

Oliver took place at a table with his brother, he hadn’t seen him in a long time, because he’s studying in Brazil and was home for just a few days. Josh was their server and did everything to perfection, still Oliver saw he was tired and saw the man needed a break. When the student and his brother left, Josh came back to the table and was expecting just a small tip. “Most students don’t give us much because they don’t have a lot of money.” But this time things were different, Oliver had left Josh a 100% tip, worth almost $200. On the bill he wrote down: “We are young, but worth serving”. Josh couldn’t believe it, he immediately had teary eyes.

The student left Josh a big tip of $200. Josh was so happy and chased after the student in the parking lot to thank him.

Josh quickly ran out onto the parking lot, to see if the student was still there. When he found him, he asked the boy if it was okay if he hugged him. Josh told Oliver about his struggles at home with his wife and his children and told the boy how much he appreciated his kind gesture. The boy went on to say: “Hey man I used to serve and saw how crazy busy you were by yourself and know what it’s like”. Josh gave the boy a final hug and said god bless you.