Last Minute Cyber Monday Marketing Tips You Can Use

It’s that time of the year again! The holiday shopping season is now upon us. Retailers and consumers are both clamoring to be part of the action on the holiday shopping season.

With e-commerce bringing the shopping frenzy to new heights, Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) projects that consumers in the US will spend around $124.1 billion on online shopping this 2018. This prediction accounts for nearly $1 of every $6 spent on holiday shopping from November to December.

TIP 1: Prep your store.
Make sure that your servers can handle your store’s web visitors and that it’s optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.

Your store needs to be in its optimum condition for the holidays. Double check with your service provider if your servers can handle the anticipated web traffic of your online store. You can try making little tweaks and changes with your web developer to ensure the consumer’s seamless navigation on your website. To provide a better omni-shopping retail experience for your customers, you should also consider making several improvements to optimize your shop for web and mobile use.

TIP 2: Get your digital assets in order.
Let your visitors know that you’re running Cyber Monday promotions with a dedicated landing page and graphic ads announcements.

Customers will be more inclined to buy your products if you condition them to be in their right Cyber Monday mindset. So when your web visitors arrive on your page, make sure that it’s blatantly clear that the products they’re buying are at a discounted price for Cyber Monday.

There are plenty of Cyber Monday-themed digital assets from Shakr, an online video ads creator, that you can try for your business. Professional-looking ads will make your Cyber Monday promotions “more legit” in the eyes of your consumers, thereby prompting them to buy more items from your store.

For their Cyber Monday sale, Sephora made sure to create a design aesthetic that will entice all makeup lovers.

TIP 3: Use scarcity marketing to your advantage.
Make your consumers feel like they’re missing out on great deals and opportunity on your website.

Scarcity is a big component when it comes to creating deals and discounts online. By letting your consumers know that some of your products are about to run out, you’re offering them with a bigger incentive to buy the items they want. You can use this tactic into your ad copies and onsite blurbs by using phrases like, “Only one item left in stock” or “Items available while supplies last.”

TIP 4: Hype up your Cyber Monday sale with email marketing.
Tease your loyal subscribers with several deals and discounts they can anticipate on Cyber Monday.

It’s important to build momentum to the days leading up to your Cyber Monday sale. And one way to effectively do that is by email marketing. Since the entire concept of Cyber Monday is built around being online, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your consumers.

Connect with your shoppers by letting them know about your exclusive deals and discounts and direct them to your online store by creating an effective email campaign.

TIP 5: Get on social media.
Use social media not just to announce exclusive Cyber Monday offers to your target audience, but to also interact with them by keeping the hype alive.

Social media plays an important role in keeping the Cyber Monday hype alive to help direct your consumers to your website. People are active on social media during the holiday season and creating targeted ads for your consumers is a great way to capture their attention. Not only that, fostering the right engagement strategies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the holidays can also boost your online revenues.

TIP 6: Monitor customer reviews.
Set up a dedicated team that will handle customer complaints and inquiries.

Remember to keep in mind that every customer complaint and inquiry is important and each one needs a prompt reply. Whether it’s positive or negative, monitoring your customer reviews during the holiday season plays a crucial role in managing your online reputation. Make sure that your business is equipped with a customer service team that will handle all your online consumer engagement.